Construction Project Customer Testimonials

“Jim is prompt and efficient and expects the same in his subs. He keeps the lines of communication open on the progress of each house. Meeting those who have worked for and with him over his years in the building industry, one can see that they are of good caliber as well. He will always strive for the best price on the best quality in materials.

Jim has the respect and admiration of all who work for him. His reputation, experience, integrity and years in the construction industry speak well for such a fine man.

I am happy to recommend Jim and know you would have a quality home you could take great pride in.”


“From personal experience, Jim is an excellent builder. He is a stickler for detail and quality. Jim added a two-story addition on to my home a couple of years ago and it is still there. All jokes aside he did excellent work and I would not even shop his bid to do additional work for me. As a Realtor, I work with lots of people on the building and remodeling business, Jim is the person I call when someone asks me for advice about what should and or could be done to a home. He is the first person I call and usually the last.”

“Shelia and I are very pleased with the functionality, quality, and aesthetics of the building (pottery studio), and we are looking forward to spending many hours there working on our pottery. Your attention to detail, desire to do things the right way, and ability to help us find economical solutions are rare qualities in this day and age. We will not hesitate to call you with future projects.”

David and Shelia Chrzan