Frequently Asked Construction Questions

How long will it take to start on my home or remodel?
Consultations and estimates can be done quickly, but I usually stay booked a month or two in advance. However, it usually takes a few weeks for the homeowner to make decisions and order any custom projects like adding new security from this fencing company.

How competitive is your pricing?
I may not be the cheapest bid you will receive because I refuse to use cheap products and labor. If you receive multiple bids, you need to be certain that each contractor is specifying the same quality of materials and provides a firm estimate. Unless the scope of the work changes, I will not start a job and surprise you with extra costs.

How can I be certain that I will receive a quality job?
Your referral business and satisfaction directly affect my reputation. I make every effort to make sure that you are satisfied from start to finish and even years later. During the recent economic downturn, I have been fortunate to maintain steady work. While I’m extremely thankful, I like to believe that leaving previous customers happy has helped me maintain and even expand my customer base.

How can I know that all subcontractors will be paid?
A homeowner’s worst nightmare occurs when a contractor takes money for a job, and the owner finds out when leins are filed and the contractor is long gone that subcontractors were not paid. This won’t happen with Jim Casey Construction. If requested, I will provide you a release of lien stating that all subcontractors and suppliers have been paid in full. I can also provide you with a list of my subcontractors and suppliers who will tell you that I not only pay every bill, but I pay on time. As a result, many of my suppliers who know that I pay on time and do quality work refer customers to me on a regular basis.

Why should I use a licensed and insured contractor?
Quite simply, it’s the law. The Homebuilder’s Association of Georgia has a great website, “When Do You Need a Licensed Contractor?” The address is I am a licensed residential contractor in the state of Georgia, license number RBCO002493. All licensed builders must maintain a minimum amount of required insurance; Jim Casey Construction carries more than the required minimum.

How long will a remodel job take?
A basic bathroom remodel can take as little as two weeks if all decisions are made and materials are in hand at the time we begin. From there, the duration depends upon the size of the job. I will give you a schedule of when each phase of the project will occur. I do my best to stick to that schedule and will update you as soon as possible if any unforeseen changes occur.

How do you control dust and debris on the job site?
We realize that we are working in your home, and we treat it as such. We clean the job site up daily when we leave, and each project has an individualized dust control plan that will be communicated to the homeowner.